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Custom Pools Long Island

Custom Pools Long Island has been proudly hand-crafting luxury swimming pools for over 20 years. The #1 local choice for G-Unite pool construction. Proudly part of the Long Island community

What Was The Problem?

Custom Pools Long Island is a company that wanted to focus only on the luxury service of building stunning architectural pools and Dream Back Yards; although had worked for 25 years, they had no content photographed to showcase with no online presence defined; Work was tailored to each job but never recorded,thy required an online SEO, PPC, web design strategy while also helping schedule photo shoots with clients making sure we hit the road running!

Studying Your Company!

Before starting any work for Custom Pools Long Island, We first looked at the competition and studied its product line; we took the time to get to know them, their business, and what is important to them. We invested time and resources to learn about their target market and find new markets they weren’t hitting. While finding out why people were buying from them and studying traffic, all for the sake of discovering who their best type of client is. All while setting up onsite photo shots for previous work, ensuring we display their best work to their new clients.

Website Marketing Strategy

After learning everything we could about Custom Pools Long Island, we proposed creating a new website with a tailored SEO sprint and PPC Campaign that was key for helping them grow. Here we focused on expanding into new territories while developing and refining existing services to attract quality customers. By keeping Custom Pools Long Island involved every step of the way and taking even more time to sit down with their team, we ensured that any work we proposed stayed true to the companies goals.


Increased SEO Traffic


Increased Click Through Rate

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First Page on Google for Relevant Searches


Focusing On Leads

Custom Pools Long Island SEO Ranking Report
  • Step 1

    Website Design & Development

    Custom Pools Long Island website design required a friendly user experience. This unique website focuses on speaking directly to clients looking for tailored Custom Pools and is designed to increase leads through the many call-to-action areas and lead capture features.

  • Step 2

    Landing Page Search Engine Optimization

    By constantly updating the website content, meta tags, creating unique landing pages with tailored keyword research, and their Google My Business listing, we ensure that Custom Pools Long Island appears on the first page of Google for all relevant searches. At Prome, we study the best site SEO optimizations googles standards for an exciting website.

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Tailored Content

    Custom Pools Long Island’s business needed to satisfy the customers’ needs to hyper-charge the customer experience. Tailored content is all about delivering experiences that speak directly to each customer and selling the company’s experience, all while keeping them engaged enough to make them want to call.


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